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Villa Bali Management

Занимаем лидирующую позицию на рынке управления недвижимостью на Бали с 2010 года


Мы предоставляем услуги по управлению виллами на Бали и берем на себя все аспекты, такие как работа с персоналом, техническое обслуживание и прочие задачи.


Наша команда профессиональных маркетологов гарантирует успешное продвижение вашей собственности через различные площадки онлайн-бронирования, обеспечивая стабильный доход.  


У нас есть множество объектов и земельных участков на продажу в собственность или аренду, и мы готовы помочь воплотить вашу мечту о доме на Бали. 

Услуга VBM Concierge

Предоставляем широкий спектр персонализированных и эксклюзивных услуг и развлечений для проживающих гостей


Наша команда технических экспертов всегда готова решить любые технические вопросы, чтобы ваша недвижимость всегда оставалась в идеальном состоянии.  

Construction project assistance & supervision with Villa Bali Management


Thinking of building in Bali but you're not sure who to trust, and how to handle a construction project from overseas? We are soon about to launch a new exclusive service which will include the planning, observation and supervision of your construction project with our preferred contractor partner,

who provides quality construction at competitive pricing! 

Stay tuned for more information about this new service we will launch very soon.


В поиске компании для управления и продвижения вашей недвижимости на Бали?

Планируете инвестировать на Бали? Аренда, собственность, земельные участки и многое другое.

Мы гордимся тем, что являемся официальным представителем

Airbnb Ambassador Villa Bali Management

А также являемся Airbnb Super Hosts уже более 9 лет, и входим в число Airbnb's Top Hosts среди Азиатско-Тихоокеанского региона!

Помимо этого, наши объекты вы можете найти на платформах:

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Expedia Partner Partner
  • 1. What services Villa Bali Management offers?
    We offer a comprehensive range of services including Management, Marketing, Concierge, and Maintenance solutions for property owners in Bali. Our goal is to provide seamless support to property owners, ensuring their investments are well-cared-for and yield optimal returns throughout the year.
  • 2. How can VBM services benefit me as a property owner in Bali?
    Our management services take the hassle out of owning property in Bali. We handle everything from tenant screening and rent collection to property maintenance and emergency repairs, allowing you to enjoy a passive income stream without the day-to-day stress.
  • 3. What is included in your property marketing services?
    Our marketing services include professional property photography, online listings on popular rental platforms, and targeted marketing campaigns to maximize your property's income throughout the Year. Our team also consists of Superhosts, and also a Airbnb Expert & Ambassador, ensuring optimal visibility on this platform.
  • 4. What does your concierge service entail?
    Our concierge service offers a personalized experience for your guests, handling check-ins, check-outs, and addressing any inquiries they may have during their stay. We can also assist with arranging transportation, tours, and other guest needs, enhancing their overall experience.
  • 5. How do you ensure the maintenance of my property?
    Our maintenance services cover everything from regular inspections, routine upkeep, to prompt intervention & resolution of any issues that may arise 24/7. We have a network of trusted dedicated technicians who specialize in different areas, ensuring your property remains in excellent condition and any arising issues is fixed in a timely matter, no matter the time.
  • 6. Can you help with legal and regulatory aspects of property ownership in Bali?
    Yes, we can provide guidance on local regulations, taxes, and legal requirements related to property ownership and rental in Bali. Our team stays informed about changes in laws to help you navigate the regulatory landscape.
  • 7. How do you determine rental rates for my property?
    We have +15 years of expertise on the short term rental market in Bali allowing us to determine, through monthly market research and analysis, competitive rental rates for your villa based on factors such as location, property type, amenities, and current market demand. Our goal is to help you achieve optimal rental income while remaining attractive to potential tenants.
  • 8. How do I get started with your property management services?
    Getting started is easy. Simply reach out to us through our website or contact information, and our team will schedule a consultation to discuss your property and individual needs. We'll tailor our services to align with your goals.
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